Are You Using Leverage As A Soloist To Its Full Advantage?

Leverage: Even as a soloist, how you use it can spell the difference between doing “fine” in your business vs. knocking it out of the park.

And while—especially in consulting—we tend to think of leverage as hiring mini-me’s, that’s far from your only option.

Consider this: What’s the highest, best use of your time and how can you set up systems and people to ensure that’s how you spend your day?

Let’s say you know the best use of your time is client-facing (selling or delivering).

Even if your strategy is to stay solo, wouldn’t you still want to offload every single activity you possibly could to free you to focus your time on clients?

How much more revenue might you take home, not to mention how much more fulfilling could your days become?

Yes, leverage is about making more, but it’s also about enjoying more.

You didn’t start your business to become a slave to it, but to serve your ideal audience profitably by applying your talents and passions.

So what other ways could you use leverage in your business?

Developing systems to put attracting and nurturing future clients and buyers on autopilot—from email sequences to automated digital and human welcomes to your various services and programs.

Designing valuable add-ons to your offerings that increase the lifetime value of your client relationships.

Getting highly visible in media, especially where the “asset” has a long shelf life, like guesting on niche podcasts.

Partnering up with those whose audience dovetails neatly with your own so you can each grow from your association.

Hiring yourself a talented VA who not only removes things from your plate, but also proactively works to finesse and run the systems you need.

Building your public reputation as an authority so by the time your ideal clients come to you, they’re already pre-sold (saving you a ton of 1-1 selling time).

Growing your soloist business with leverage starts with challenging your assumptions: what opportunities for leverage are you leaving on the table?

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