Meet Jackson the rescue dog.

Found running loose on the streets with his Chihuahua sidekick, he was a scruffy, scrawny mess.

A bath, decent food, and some TLC turned him into the adorable pooch (and beloved member of my family) he is today.

He is—or was—the underdog. The one you root for, who just needs a chance to move into the spotlight.

My heart always goes to the underdog.

And so does my giving.

This year—actually every year since I started this business—my giving back is centered on organizations that encourage the underdog to soar.

The Malala Fund because the key to our best and brightest future is educating girls all over the world.

Feeding America because kids can’t learn if they don’t have enough to eat.

The World Wildlife Fund because protecting animals and biodiversity makes the planet a happier place.

Jackson encourages you to support animal rescue in your local community, like Star Paws who gave him his second chance.