A Public Apology To My Twitter Peeps

If I have followed and then unfollowed you in the last few days—or unfollowed you after many years of our being connected on Twitter—I apologize.

It’s not you.

It’s me. (And a Twitter app run amok.)

I’m working with Twitter to make this right. It may take some time before I can re-follow everyone since much depends on what Twitter can fix for me and what I must fix manually.

Just please know that our connection truly matters to me—and I will do my best to restore it.

Thank you in advance for your patience. I’m truly sorry.

p.s. On September 6, Twitter restored the roughly 200,000 people I’d been following. Near as I can tell, I’m back in business—please let me know if I’ve missed you somehow and I’ll fix that. THANK YOU for sticking with me through this!


  • Karl

    It would be helpful if you named the twitter app and what you or it did that caused you to lose your followers. That way perhaps some of us could avoid the same problem. Thanks.

    • Rochelle

      Hi Karl. The app is ManageFlitter. They’ve been very cooperative with me, so I’m not feeling the need to bash them. Especially since I’m still trying to understand exactly what happened. Essentially, I unfollowed a set of people ManageFlitter showed as not following me and it started a waterfall reaction with Twitter. Twitter has unlocked the account but I am still unable to follow anyone. I’m still waiting for Twitter to advise if they can recapture the roughly 200,000 people I had been following. I’d been using the app for several years without a problem, altho it had been very unreliable lately. So my advice for now, would be not to trust the pro version of the app…

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