3 Signals It’s Time To Break Out From Expert To Trusted Authority

Let’s agree that being an expert is a serious accomplishment—it means you have deep knowledge and experience in your field.

It means you’re influencing your clients’ actions and transforming their situations in some meaningful way.

You might even have translated that expertise into a steady stream of ideal clients to keep you busy and reliably earning six figures.

But there may come a time when you want more—more money, more time, more flexibility and more influence with an audience you care deeply about.

That’s when you’re ready to move from expert to authority (read this for a deeper dive on experts vs. authorities).

You’ll start to notice the signals that building market authority just might be your best next move…

You’ve booked yourself solid and have a reliable pipeline, but you want to work less. You’ve finally hit that point you could only imagine when you first hung out your shingle: you’re consistently busy and reliably earning six figures.

Yet somehow that vision of business success as a solo transformed into a gilded hamster wheel—you can’t get off without dramatically changing your living standard.

Are you stuck?

Not if you take this as your cue to either start building leverage—selling products or services that don’t require your 100% attention—or value pricing your offerings to dramatically shift your time commitment.

Your client transformations are no longer satisfying enough. When you started your business, spending 100% of your time doing your “thing” sounded like a dream. But now, it’s just not as satisfying.

You want to solve meatier problems, serve better clients or pivot from the doing to the strategy. You’ve paid your dues learning this business and now you’re ready to level up.

You’re looking to serve a larger audience than those you can consult with directly. Maybe you’re serving exactly the audience that joneses you—it’s like you’re firing on all cylinders and bringing game-changing transformations every time.

But you want to help more of “your” people. Why should stellar transformations be limited only to those who can afford your 1-1 fees and survive your wait list?

No matter which of these signals you’re receiving, they are telling you it’s time to break out from the expert mold and step into the bigger shoes of an authority.

p.s. If you’re feeling ready to make this shift but need help to get you there with confidence, check out my coaching options here.

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