10 Questions To Discover The Right Amount Of Social For Your Authority

Getting social media right for your authority business is like driving a stick shift—you have to find the right balance of clutch and gas or you’ll stall out.

The key to being the right amount of social for you—not too much and not too little—is to be unfailingly strategic in your choices.

After all, you’re on social media to spread your big idea, engage with your future clients and buyers and grow your influence.

This is not about being everywhere, but choosing the one or two platforms where you plan to be highly interactive.

As you consider each social platform (LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are the Big Three for authorities), ask yourself these questions before finalizing your social strategy:

What is your goal with this social platform—how will it contribute to your brand, your selling and marketing?

Over what time frame can you expect to see results and how will you measure success?

Are your sweet-spot clients and buyers well represented on this platform?

Are your competitors here?

How about the media you most want to connect with?

What can you do to differentiate yourself on this platform?

Does this fit with your natural personality?

Are you REALLY ready to do what it takes to be successful on this site?

What results can you reasonably expect in three months? Six months? A year?

What’s the cost/benefit of your time spent (or hiring this out) over your expected recoup period?

The trick? Stick with your strategy for at least six months (tweaking tactics as needed). By then you’ll either hit your sweet-spot or learn what you need to change.

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