White Knuckling Is No Way To Build Your Authority

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There is a thing that happens when you’re putting pivotal, potentially controversial content out to your audience.

You pause.

Maybe you tinker with the phrasing, obsess over a particular word, read it to a friend for another take.

It’s good to get some comfort that your material is worthy before you hit SEND.

But there’s a line where thoughtful prudence starts to morph into white knuckling—letting fear hold you back from pushing your ideas out into the world.

That might look like fussing with your piece—watering it down so it feels “safe”—and wiping the controversy right out.

Or failing to submit it to that media outlet you just know would be ideal, but “why would they publish my work?” keeps playing on continuous loop in your head.

One way to silence that voice?

Get hyper-focused on the people you’re helping. Imagine them reading/listening/watching your stuff and being enlightened or entertained or provoked into thought or action.

Hit SEND for them.