What Making Progress Looks Like

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There is a thing that happens in our specialties as well as the people we serve —it’s called progress.

Both keep moving forward, relentlessly.

Your clients and buyers become smarter about your “thing”, your expertise, and the world keeps getting more sophisticated.

Which means to continually build authority, you don’t just need to keep up, but stay a few steps ahead.

Even if you’re pushing the envelope in your work, experimenting and updating—you can’t afford to let how you market yourself and your firm slip either.

That can look like:

Making new leaps in your content themes (vs. recycling the same old/same old).

Ensuring your positioning is still highly relevant, hyper-targeted to your niche and memorable (chances are you’ve got new entrants to your space with clear and simple messaging).

Aligning with new voices in your space that are also doing important work with your ideal audience.

Keeping your stories and visuals—from your website to your marketing collateral—fresh and compelling.

It’s not so much about re-inventing (that happens occasionally, but not often), but about reaching for the next (aligned) thing that will push your authority into a new sphere of influence.