The Role Of Client Logos On Your Website

  • Category: Website

I’ve been working with a consultant on his revamped website and we’ve had some conversations about the role and positioning of client logos.

Question: Can’t I just post a list of clients rather than pay my designer to find and adjust logos to fit my site?

Client logos are far preferable to a list of clients, especially if they are recognizable to your ideal audience.

They are highly visual compared to a list—which makes them easier for future clients to “get” in a nanosecond (plus it’s an inexpensive way to build more visuals into your site vs. ponderous copy).

Question: If I already have client testimonials, do I need logos too?

Client logos bestow highly valuable social proof on your consulting practice. “Oh, Jamie has worked with Apple, Google and Hewlett Packard? He must be REALLY good at…(insert specialty).”

You’ll always want testimonials because that’s where clients tell the story of your mutual success in their words. Potential clients and buyers love reading short snippets of your best outcomes (and if you want to tell deeper stories, that’s what case studies are for).

Question: If an assignment ended awkwardly, do I still post that client logo?

If you wouldn’t (or can’t) put up a testimonial, then there should be no corresponding client logo for that company. You don’t need a testimonial to match every logo—just be sure that every single logo on your site has a positive story behind it that you can tell with confidence.

The more social proof you can bake into your site, the easier it is for future clients and buyers to see that you’re the real deal.