The Power Of Letting Your Creativity Simmer

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I was having dinner at a casual outdoor spot and overheard two women behind me talking about the new doggie daycare business they were starting.

They were tossing around ideas on what to call it, clearly frustrated that the magical name was eluding them. As they were leaving, one turned to us—only half jokingly—and asked if we had any name ideas.

I had to laugh—the perfect name rarely just appears out of the mist.

It comes from being absolutely clear on what you want to accomplish, who it’s for and even how it will work.

Then you have to research who and what else is in the space so you don’t accidentally step in someone else’s pond.

Only then are you truly ready to get creative.

Even then, NEVER stop at your first idea. It’s too easy to try and make it fit and it is almost never as good as what continued simmering will eventually bring you.

You don’t rush creative.

Simmering leads to richer flavor, smoother texture. It’s why we run and walk and swim and shower and a million other things before our brains produce the “right” answer, seemingly out of nowhere.

So next time you’re struggling with what to call your business, describe a service or craft a tagline, do the spadework and then let your right brain simmer on it.

Work on it actively, and then simmer some more. Repeat. The bigger the move, the more simmer time you’ll probably need.