Sticking To Your Strategy

  • Category: Authority MindsetRunning Your Business

You committed yourself to a brand and business strategy. You even wrote it down to keep you on the straight and narrow.

But after awhile, it starts to feel routine. Which is when you’ve been tempted to stray…

Like the prospect that asks you to deliver a fascinating, but slightly off-your-expertise project. For a niche you’ve never served before. At a discount.

On the surface, you can make all sorts of arguments on why this is a good idea:

“I’ve always wanted to understand more about _______ and this is my opportunity to get paid something while learning it.”

“This will be a good test to see if I can/should do more work for _______________.”

“The client is so high-profile that I’m sure to win more similar assignments once they see me in action.”

Any one of these might actually be true and perhaps worth investigating.

But if you’re running every opportunity through this sort of prism—and frequently saying yes—you don’t have a strategy.

If your strategy isn’t working, it might be time to re-examine it and make changes.

Just ignoring it is not the solution…

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