Should You Show Some Of Your Soul?

  • Category: Authority Mindset

When was the last time someone suggested you show your soul in business?

Your passion, maybe. Your heart, perhaps. But your soul? Not so much.

But let’s say we use this working definition of soul: “the animating principle; the essential element or part of something”.

I’m always going to argue that showing some of that—digitally and in person—is essential to building the kind of authority brand your sweet-spot won’t forget.

Kirk, a lawyer, is a patent expert—which, let’s face it, is one of the drier areas of the law. But dry he is not.

He has a joyful, boisterous spirit—whether he’s discussing the finer points of patent law or the merits of smoked fish (a particular interest of his).

That spirit permeates his authority content—his articles, interviews and speeches—and draws his ideal audience to him (and repels the stuffed shirts).

Or let’s take Kathy, a compensation consultant. Designing executive pay plans can be a minefield of conflict, controversy and communication challenges.

The quick wit and dry humor that are part of her “animating principle” are woven into her website and blog posts with full intention. You immediately feel what it will be like to work with her.

Because here’s the thing: when we share glimpses of who we are as humans, we bond more deeply with our audience—well beyond a mere transaction.

And that’s what ultimately paves the way for the big, transformational outcomes we deliver at our very best.

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