Procrastination Can Just Be Anxiety In Disguise

  • Category: Running Your Business

Have you been procrastinating about building your authority in the last couple of weeks?

You’re not alone.

Sometimes procrastination is just another way to deal with anxiety.

Anxiety from conflicting pandemic information, market crashes and political clashes can make it tempting to bury your head in client work vs. staying your course of authority building.

To substitute actions that feel good (crossing the inconsequential off the list) for those that matter. That will propel you—no, catapult you—forward.

The cure for anxiety-fueled procrastination is to move. Forward. Anyway.

What’s one key lever that will boost your authority? New positioning? A book? A speech? Picture it now. In vivid detail.

And then think about how you’ll feel when. When it’s published. When your audience applauds wildly. When you change lives forever.

Got it? With that picture firmly in your head, repeat after me:

Today I will make an investment in my future.

Today I will stop substituting stuff that’s fast for the stuff that gets me closer to my dream.

Today, I will _____________________(insert what you know you most need to do).

Repeat daily when you need to keep anxiety at bay.