How To Keep Moving Forward: Make A Choice

  • Category: Running Your Business

Fear, uncertainty and doubt in the midst of a pandemic are natural emotions and most of us are feeling some if not all of them right now.

And yet…

We have a choice on how we choose to act.

We can choose to keep moving forward.

When you’re running your business—even if you’re a soloist—you’re a leader. And leaders model the behavior they want to see in those they serve.

Which means now is the perfect time to invest in your joint future, which might look like:

Starting a podcast.

Pitching yourself as a podcast guest.

Writing a book (or a short e-version).

Conducting a virtual training or webinar.

Cutting a video or video series.

Crafting that speech.

Developing an on-line teaching program.

Revamping your website.

Re-positioning your business.

Building out a new productized service.

Starting a new revenue stream.

Developing new marketing materials.

Reaching out to possible alliance partners.

Scheduling check-in calls with your clients and allies.

Updating one of your social media channels.

Starting a new social media channel.

Engaging more deeply in a social media channel.

Distributing your content on new platforms.

If you’re still too mired in fear, uncertainty and doubt to make a choice, pick one small thing to help get your head clear (cleaning a closet is my go-to). And THEN look at that list again and decide how to move yourself forward.

Just remember, this feeling will pass.

Life as we know it will eventually reassert itself—perhaps with some “new normal” to adjust to, but normalcy will return.

So why not invest in yourself and your tribe while you’re hunkering down?