Finding The Heart Of Your Message

  • Category: MarketingSelling

One of the perils of marketing authority is the tendency of experts to focus on our intellectual argument.

Our default is all about sharing knowledge: let me tell you the facts you need to know.

And sometimes that works—when your audience needs a specific answer to a question or a path of breadcrumbs to follow.

But if you really want to make your case AND bind your audience closer to you, you’ll need to let them feel some emotion, a little heart.

Give them a preview of the emotional benefits they’ll get by following your advice. How they will feel once they’ve made the transformations you deliver.

For example (the benefits to clients of a team performance consultant):

My team will stop fighting and start collaborating.

I can keep my top performers longer, which means I’ll spend less time recruiting.

If our product launch is completed faster, I can spend my time creating new products.

When we solve problems early, we not only are more productive, but my team feels deeper satisfaction with their work.

You get the idea.

Zeroing in on the emotional benefits your ideal clients and buyers get from working with you makes you memorable.

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