Dreaming Big With Carrie Locklyn

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This week Jonathan and I welcome a very special guest—my friend, Designer and HGTV personality Carrie Locklyn.

Carrie has traveled an unconventional road to authority (including a world tour with Mariah Carey!) that is chock-full of insights and lessons for building authority while keeping your sanity:

The role of early goal setting in propelling Carrie from mastering triple pirouettes to a world tour.

Working through transitions to break into your next business level—and the signs when a transition is hovering.

Taking the pressure off making money on your dream by keeping up other income streams.

Carving out a niche for your business while also building a personal brand.

Making Instagram work to grow your business without letting it take over your life (and how to use it to provide bona fides for your referral sources).

The value of giving yourself grace while you’re chasing big dreams.​

Listen to the episode here.