Do You Need Objective Proof To Build Your Authority?

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So here’s an interesting question I just tossed around with a client: do you need objective proof to build your market authority? And if so, then how much is just right?

I believe the answer lies with two factors—the nature of your expertise and your comfort level with not being able to objectively “prove” every plank in your belief system.

Some experts—I call them “rocket scientists”—live for data and deep study. They literally won’t breathe a word that isn’t carefully researched and vetted.

Of course you’d expect that—and want it—from scientists. If you’re a brain surgeon, it’s safe to say you’ll need some hard objective data to build authority.

But what if you’re more about the transformational experience?

Then you’ll probably worry less about what the research says (other than to inform your practice) and more about your anecdotal experiences.

You’ll experiment to see how changes impact the quality and speed and stickiness of those transformations.

And then when you decide to start making speeches or write your book, you may decide to add more objective data—or elect to stay totally within your own experiences.

The thing is, there is no absolute right answer.

What matters is where on the continuum is the best fit for your particular brand of expertise.