Creating More (And Better) Experience Touch Points

  • Category: Experiences

We know that the right experiences have power with your audience—when you align your touch points with your brand of authority, it cements your bond.

So how do you create more (and better) touch points when meeting in person isn’t an option? A few ideas:

Keep tinkering with your email sequences vs. setting and forgetting. Things like a worldwide crisis, new content, platforms and offerings are all signals that it’s time to take another look.

Make talking on the phone into an art form (think exquisitely attuned listening more than talking).

Use the old delivery systems (like snail mail) to surprise clients, prospects and alliance partners.

When you sell tangible things, put some effort into the physical packaging so it looks like a gift.

Use video where screen sharing or seeing a face is critical—but beware using it as a default. Not everyone wants to be on camera and the zoom fatigue level right now is high.

Take a good look at the “check-out” experience for anything you sell from your site. Is it intuitive? Are there happy surprises or weird glitches?

What’s your billing experience like from the client side—does it reflect what’s it’s like to work with you? If you bill up-front, making it feel like part of a continuous experience from your sales emails/calls is ideal (too early/too late billing is off-putting).

When you’re a guest on someone else’s platform, is there a gift you can give their audience (with no strings attached)? Maybe a downloadable worksheet or PDF that’s right on point.

Sometimes even a tiny shift in one of our touch points can be a game-changer.