Clarity, brevity and style

  • Category: Marketing

A lawyer who runs a networking group always opens his sessions with a request for “clarity, brevity and style” when members introduce themselves.

That’s harder than it sounds, as more than one member has proven.

And yet it’s the essence of making your point as a professional (and why we detest long-winded politicians).

How can you get all three of those reflected in your work and interactions consistently?

Experiment—and ruthlessly edit.

Before attending one niche conference, I tried out my introductions out loud, in the car, for the hour ride over. Yeah, I looked like a dork, but it was much snappier by the time I stepped out.

As an experiment, take a look at how you introduce yourself on your website. Are you crushing all three points or do you need a little boost?

Just tackle one aspect—did you know most consultants who write their own ABOUT sections go through 20 or more drafts before settling on their story?

Make it shorter, clearer or more in line with your unique style, your voice, your brand of authority.

Clarity, brevity and style.