Building Authority Requires A Risk Mindset

  • Category: Authority Mindset

There is no authority without risk.

Picture your go-to authority—any field, any expertise.

Have they always gotten it right?

Or did they take it on the chin a few times when they pushed an idea past a collective comfort zone?

Even if they didn’t experience a public epic fail (Tesla’s Cybertruck launch anyone?), I guarantee they’ve been smacked down when their audience reacted to a risky piece of content.

Building authority (once you get past the low hanging fruit) requires taking risks to keep developing your ideas.

Experimenting with some counter-intuitive research. Making a pivotal next step in your point of view based on insight vs. pure data. Applying learning from unrelated disciplines to your belief system.

A risk mindset will accelerate developing your authority. Not a Vegas, bet-the-house mentality, but the thoughtful taking of calculated risks in moving your brand of transformative wisdom forward.

Look at it this way: the faster you grow your authority, the more of your ideal audience you get to transform…