Authority Can’t Survive A Poverty Mentality

  • Category: Authority Mindset

What did you tell yourself the last time you made—or chose not to make—an investment in your future?

Did you say: “I know this expense is the right thing to do to build my business, my audience, my body of work and I’m plowing ahead”?

Or did you say: “Yes, this would be the right next thing to do but I just can’t afford it” and then let it drop?

Nothing wrong with trying to find a cheaper way to make it happen—bootstrapping is a time-honored tradition for a reason.

But walking away from something you know in your gut is essential to make your vision happen isn’t bootstrapping. It’s operating with a poverty mentality.

Same deal if you decide you can’t afford to share your wisdom, the core of your market authority—that’s coming from a poverty mentality.

It springs from the belief that distributing your knowledge somehow diminishes rather than enhances your position.

Authority can’t overcome a poverty mentality. It needs generosity to germinate, to flourish and to ultimately transform those you seek to serve.

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