A High-Touch Approach To Building Your Audience

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One of my ConsultantsNation members was frustrated with the slow organic growth of their email list.

I get it—you’re writing solid content for a highly targeted audience and you want more people to see it, to use it and to engage with you.

My suggestion—beyond advice to hit up those already in their circle—was to go beyond the organic method at least until they built some momentum.

And that means using a high-touch approach.

That could look like scouring LinkedIn (you might give their Sales Navigator tool a try) for your best-fit clients and connecting with them. They’re not going to jump on your list right off, but you CAN start a conversation that may progress to a call.

Not a sales call, but a get-to-know you call. And if your emails hit their pain points, it’s an easy offer to make as you close that first call.

It sounds a little like prospecting, but the twist is you’re not selling anything other than a genuine desire to understand them and be helpful.

You can do something similar on Twitter by tracking down your ideal audience, following them and engaging them.

It probably won’t grow your list lightening fast, but you’re actually creating relationship assets (maybe even adding a new client or two) vs. sitting back hoping your ideal audience will come to you…

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