When Your Niche Turns Into A Rut

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When Your Niche Turns Into A Rut

Niching—the art of narrowing your specialty, your audience and your message—is good. But what do you do if your niche turns into a rut?

While a rut can actually be a healthy thing in certain circumstances, chances are if you’re in one, it’s frustrating.

Listen in as Jonathan and I describe how to escape: what to do when you’re feeling stuck, whether (and how) to narrow your niche, looking beyond the edges of your rut and experimenting with new tactics.


“It may be that your niche is still too broad.” –RM

“The niche isn’t just who you’re serving and what industry it’s in. It’s all those other things that are how you uniquely bring yourself to market with your audience.” –RM

“I’m against time sheets. I’m not against time tracking.” –JS

“The engagement will not last forever. You don’t want it to. That means you’re not growing.” –JS