The Twilight Zone

  • Category: ClientsSelling

How do you handle your twilight zone—that potentially dead space between when your client buys your stuff and you actually start delivering?

And what if you have multiple service lines or products—should you provide the same experience within each of them?

Listen in as Jonathan and I lay out designing your client/buyer experience, setting expectations, building trust in the twilight zone and keeping clients engaged throughout the process.


“You’re treating that book like a product, like a service, like part of your business. It’s not something that’s separate.” –RM

“Even though I’m not winging it, I want it to feel like I’m not winging it.” –JS

“For somebody to see that you’ve laid some breadcrumbs… it’s reinforcing. It builds confidence.” –RM

“In a coaching situation, the person who’s being coached really does have to do all the heavy lifting.” –JS