The Post-COVID Reckoning

The Post-COVID Reckoning

Living through a pandemic has inspired many people to make big changes in their work and how they choose to live.

Jonathan and I use that as a jumping off point to explore using this time as a wake-up call to shift your work to have more meaning, impact, purpose or revenue:

Channeling that sense of dissatisfaction to make big, small and/or pivotal change in your business.

Deciding which aspects of your work/life are ready for change and how to keep moving forward.

Dealing with status and identity challenges as you evaluate what next steps will work best for you.

Leaning into small changes that can have an outsized impact on your happiness.

How to let those clients and employees you’re leaving behind go with integrity.


“I like to think optimistically that the whole thing was a wake-up call for people—who are now feeling the malaise as a desire to have more of a purpose or impact.”—JS

“Our elbows are rubbing up against the sides of our cage. And people are saying, what else is there? What can be next?”—RM

“Everything’s in motion. So like any rut that you’re stuck in, you’re going to have a lot of helpful momentum to pop you out of it.”—JS

“Don’t worry about the process. Worry about where it is you want to go to get really excited about your work again.”—RM

“If you could wave a magic wand and put whatever you wanted in your calendar, what would be in your calendar?”—JS

“Change begets change. We do one small thing and then it energizes us, it gives us confidence to make another change.”—RM

“Look at your product and service mix and ask: am I getting bored with them? Am I getting better at them? Am I just phoning it in? Is it aligned with my mission?”—JS

“We like the changes that we initiate far more than those that somebody else puts on us.”—RM


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