Summer 2020

Summer 2020

No question that 2020 has been—and will continue to be—an unusually challenging year for running your authority business.

Given we’re at the halfway mark, Jonathan and I decided to focus on what you may be wrestling with to close out the year and get yourself well positioned for 2021:

How a mailing list can be your saving grace.

What to do if your business stinks right now.

Using the level of difficulty in your services and products to decide where/how to invest your resources.

The role of data vs. gut instinct in making key decisions.

Timing the launch of your business changes to when your audience is most receptive to your message.

Mapping out your year (and linking it to your website and other marketing collateral).

Refreshing your marketing with email sequences and podcast episodes.


“It’s time to make an assessment. What happens if we keep doing what we’re doing?”—RM

“lf I was gonna make a better future for myself, I’d ask: what are the things I’m doing now that exhaust me and what would really excite me? How can I move over to the exciting things and still fund the mission?”—JS

“What is the experience I want to give somebody who goes through 100 days (of my email sequence)—and how can I give them the opportunity to go deep when they want to?”—RM

“The way to have a good podcast is to start with an OK podcast and make it better over time.”—JS


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