Seeing Differently with Kristin Smedley

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Seeing Differently with Kristin Smedley

Note: We’re planning a special episode for #150 and you can have a chance to participate! Just record your question (QuickTime is great for this), send it to and if it’s chosen, Jonathan and I will play your question and answer it on the show.

So what happens when the big plans you make don’t—and can’t—happen the way you imagined?

That’s what Kristin Smedley, author of Thriving Blind and the mother of two sons, faced when learning they were blind at four months old.

She went on to launch a non-profit, deliver a rousing TED-x talk, write her book and even testify in front of the FDA while building a global movement. All while raising her three children to achieve far beyond the limits others tried to place on them.

What happens when you get so attached to a specific outcome that you become blind to other possibilities?

How to get to those epiphany moments that will open you up to experience a break-through.

Building resilience by looking to your past experiences and applying your existing learning.

How to find the tools, resources and role models to create extraordinary outcomes, even when the deck is stacked against you.

Using serendipity to push your agenda forward (and the plus side of a coffee addiction).

The benefits of getting engaged in your various communities across geographies.


“It’s never a full 180 (pivot)—there are always whispers, signs, intuition leading up to that.”—KS

“I’m fueled by being in service to the world. So that’s what I do when I’m in one of those pits.”—KS

“I was going to take those boys by the hands and guide them to the greatness that I knew they were destined for.”—KS

“I learned to develop relationships—not just asking for, but giving first.”—KS

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