Positioning vs. Branding

Positioning vs. Branding

Marketers toss out terms like positioning and branding, but what do those really mean? And more importantly, how can you use each effectively to grow your authority business?

We first tackle positioning (since you can’t brand yourself or your firm effectively until you’ve claimed your market position) and then segue into branding.

Join Jonathan and me as we describe how to know which you need when, stories, actions and visuals (the essence of aligned branding) and the power of consistency in advancing your positioning, branding and authority.


“To me the brand is what people say about you behind your back.” –JS

“Literally everything that you do telegraphs a message to the people who are watching.” –RM

“You can build authority without having had 25 years doing one thing.” –RM

“If you keep at it, they get imbued with meaning, and it becomes meaningful to other people too, and before you know it, you’re leading a movement.” –JS


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