Positioning + Pricing = Profits

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Positioning + Pricing = Profits

How you position yourself and your business directly impacts how you price your services and—ultimately—how profitable you become.

The key is to differentiate yourself from the competition so that price isn’t the only distinction your clients see.

Join us as we describe how positioning affects your leverage, how big corporate clients choose between different prices, the courage required to stay with premium pricing and how to sell access (vs. execution) to your expertise.


“If you’re renting yourself out by the hour, then you’re not pricing anything. That’s not a price.” –JS

“When you lead with your hourly rate, it gives clients a point of reference that isn’t valid.” –RM

“If your audience is big corporates, a lot of times they have to choose the lowest price.” –RM

“If you are the obvious choice, then those other “competitors” are just not on the table anymore.” –JS