How To Market Yourself Without Feeling Like A Sleaze

There’s something about marketing yourself that gives even confident consultants pause. Do you really have to adopt pushy, hard-sell tactics to be successful?

Of course not! Marketing yourself successfully is all about mindset. You have valuable expertise to share with your tribe and they won’t just magically find you—you have to let them know you’re there.

Join us as we talk through how to find a marketing style that you feel good about.


“Marketers are people who make change happen – in particular changes in the culture, which are very hard to make.” –JS

“In my mind, marketing is everything from how you position yourself in the market, to your overall messages, to how you reach out to a swath of your public.” –RM

“Our clients have a lot of choices, and it can be hard to find you amongst everybody else that’s in your niche.” –RM

“The more empathy you have for your audience, the more natural you’re going to be at it.” –JS

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