Getting Paid To Market Yourself

When we hosted Jill Konrath last week, Jonathan and I had an “ah ha” moment (about 22 minutes in) when Jill described one particular tactic she uses to market herself and her ideas.

So Jonathan and I decided to dedicate an entire episode to exploring her idea in much more detail. How can you get paid to market yourself?

Give this episode a listen as we describe examples of paid marketing opportunities and cover how to find the right big pockets (those who can afford to pay you) and craft your pitch.


The TBOA Jill Konrath episode

The Secret of Selling Anything

The show Jonathan hosted for Intel


– “To increase the monetary value of your speaking gigs, have product available.”—JS

– “It may look really simple—an e-book or a guide—but how that gets marketed, whose hands it goes into, how your name is used, matters. They’re all part of your brand.”—RM

– “Ask yourself: how does this opportunity align with my message? How does it work for my people?”—RM

– “If you get people to sell out, you’re in trouble”—JS

– “Answer the question: what do you write about that serves their audience’s needs?”—RM

– “You’ve got to do your homework or you’re a spammer. And people smell spammers a mile away” —JS

– “If it makes you feel gross, you’re doing it wrong”—RM


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