Getting Paid To Give (Almost) Everything Away With Jill Konrath

We were excited when Jill Konrath, one of the top sales experts on the planet, agreed to join us to talk about sales and how she grew her business and reputation.

But we were downright thrilled with how candid she was about the different ways she built her business, including how she protects her time (and sanity).

Listen in as Jill describes her philosophy of giving away as much as she can for free, the strategic importance of having a mission, the role of her books in her business and how to sell more in less time.


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Selling to Big Companies


– “I didn’t sit down one day and decide I wanted to be well-known.”—JK

– “How can I help these people and not go broke?”—JK

– “People in the consulting business fundamentally think about sales in the wrong way.”—JK

– “Sales is a skill. If you don’t learn it, you can’t create a sustainable career.”—JK

– “Sales is not pushy. It’s consultative.”—JK

– “Your clients don’t want what you have to offer. They want outcomes.”—JK


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