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When Should You Boost Your Consulting Fees?

Notice the question isn’t “should you boost your consulting fees”, but WHEN. Because whether you’re solo or leading a firm, you’re still running a business that is (ideally) growing and evolving. Your fees shouldn’t remain stagnant anymore than your work. … Continue reading

Are You Pricing Yourself Right Out Of Work?

The WordPress developer flashed across my screen in a nanosecond of Twitter interaction. I’m always on the lookout for savvy technical resources, so I tracked down her website and cruised through it. Our world views seemed to gel and I … Continue reading

Should You REALLY Work On Retainer?

When you’re running a consulting or advisory business, a handful of stellar retainer clients can change your life. You can concentrate on producing big results without constantly chasing new clients or new projects. You can hire associates and leverage your … Continue reading

When Small Beats Big

We are hard-wired to believe bigger is better. Especially when it comes to building an audience for our work. 100,000 Twitter followers or an email list north of 20,000 feels much more impressive than a few hundred believers in your … Continue reading

Raising Your Consulting Fees

Whether you’re happily contemplating boosting your fees or dragging your feet knowing it’s time to make a change, this post is for you. First things first: let’s put fee-raising in the proper context. The true value of your services is … Continue reading

What Lights You Up?

“Sylvia” started her consulting business after being downsized twice. She was determined to take the reins and direct her own future. A year in, she’d built a handful of client relationships and made about 75% of her former earnings. Not … Continue reading

Dealing With A Negotiator

What’s a Negotiator? SO glad you asked. It’s that client who always wants a deal–it’s as though bargaining is in their DNA. So unless you want to put yourself permanently “on sale”, you have to nip their negotiation attempts right … Continue reading

The Power Of Niche

I’ve heard all the arguments against “niching”—creating a specialty area of expertise and building a highly engaged audience around it. “Niching feels like career suicide.” “I’ve tried it more than once and I just can’t get enough traction to make … Continue reading

Should You—EVER—Work For Free?

We’ve all had them. Those pesky requests to work for free or discount your fees. How do you say no? And is there ever a time when “yes” is the right answer? 000000

Staple Yourself To Your Personal Brand

“Staple yourself to an order” was first developed by Harvard Business School professor Ben Shapiro. It was conceived as a way for big, complex companies to understand their client experience—and make it better. But it works on an intimate scale … Continue reading