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Running Your Business vs The Other Way Around

Growing up as I did in a giant consulting firm, you learn one constant: the client work ALWAYS comes first. (And of course its corollary—billable time/selling billable time trumps anything else you might deliver.) You could get out of any … Continue reading

Are You Tapping Into Your Best Asset?

Let’s try an experiment. For just a few moments, visualize your very best client projects and relationships. The ones where you’ve done your most game-changing work. Where you’ve moved the needle—significantly—toward getting your clients what they most want. Got the … Continue reading

Convert Your Content Into Revenue (Part 2)

Last week I showed you how to explore your content like you’re going on a treasure hunt. If you followed my map, you’ve now got a full inventory of your content gems—from your client work, your published pieces and your … Continue reading

Convert Your Content Into Revenue (Part 1)

For advisors, thought leaders and game-changers, your content—your body of work—is a serious asset. Successful authors know this. They’re used to trading words for money and are well versed in the value of book deals, copyrights and licensing fees. But … Continue reading

3 Actions To Build Your Audience—And Revenue (Part 1)

We all like to begin the New Year with a running start. So let’s just drop-kick the resolutions and do what works. That would be action. Yes, action. Did I mention action? But before deciding what to do, it’s critical … Continue reading

Familiarity Is A Good Thing

Before publicity shots were digitized, it was common for up and coming actors to mail their headshots to the same talent agents over and over again. Their theory: that eventually they would look familiar and get past the receptionist and … Continue reading

Getting “It” Done

Here we are, just going into the quietest part of summer (or the dead of winter, depending on your hemisphere). It’s a time when business moves s-l-o-w-l-y. It can make Type A’s crazy. You can of course, use the next … Continue reading