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Engagement: Can You Reach Your Tribe Without It?

Engagement: can you reach your tribe without it? Well, that depends. Social media started it—this fascination with “engagement” as the gold standard for how well you’re positioning yourself with your digital tribe. 002100

Running Your Business vs The Other Way Around

Growing up as I did in a giant consulting firm, you learn one constant: the client work ALWAYS comes first. (And of course its corollary—billable time/selling billable time trumps anything else you might deliver.) You could get out of any … Continue reading

Are You Tapping Into Your Best Asset?

Let’s try an experiment. For just a few moments, visualize your very best client projects and relationships. The ones where you’ve done your most game-changing work. Where you’ve moved the needle—significantly—toward getting your clients what they most want. Got the … Continue reading

Convert Your Content Into Revenue (Part 2)

Last week I showed you how to explore your content like you’re going on a treasure hunt. If you followed my map, you’ve now got a full inventory of your content gems—from your client work, your published pieces and your … Continue reading

Convert Your Content Into Revenue (Part 1)

For advisors, thought leaders and game-changers, your content—your body of work—is a serious asset. Successful authors know this. They’re used to trading words for money and are well versed in the value of book deals, copyrights and licensing fees. But … Continue reading

3 Actions To Build Your Audience—And Revenue (Part 1)

We all like to begin the New Year with a running start. So let’s just drop-kick the resolutions and do what works. That would be action. Yes, action. Did I mention action? But before deciding what to do, it’s critical … Continue reading

Familiarity Is A Good Thing

Before publicity shots were digitized, it was common for up and coming actors to mail their headshots to the same talent agents over and over again. Their theory: that eventually they would look familiar and get past the receptionist and … Continue reading

Getting “It” Done

Here we are, just going into the quietest part of summer (or the dead of winter, depending on your hemisphere). It’s a time when business moves s-l-o-w-l-y. It can make Type A’s crazy. You can of course, use the next … Continue reading