Soloist Women Community

There’s a reason you went solo.

I’m gonna bet it was something like this: more money, more time and more freedom (I call that true wealth—just sayin’).

And that you were positively giddy at the chance to escape corporate life to create a business designed around your talents, your ideal clients and the impact you want to make in this world.

But just because you choose to be a soloist in your business doesn’t mean you want to walk alone.

Instead, you’ve been searching for a very specific community of committed women building soloist expertise businesses (you’ve had your fill of being mixed in with shop owners or local brick and mortar types).


We reject the complexity and time suck that comes with hiring employees.

We work only with clients and buyers who energize and inspire us.

We crave simplicity in our business and we reject complicated systems that don’t run themselves.

We refuse to sell ourselves cheaply—instead, we niche into the situations where we can command premium prices.

We reject the classic bro’ model of endless hustle—there is no growth for growth’s sake.

We design the revolution we want to lead so we can make an impact while doing our best work.

We refuse to buy into damsel drama, pink ghettos and victimhood.

We build authority businesses that optimize our wealth (revenue, free time and flexibility) and the impact we crave.

If this sounds like the kind of women you want to surround yourself with—I invite you to join my Slack space. There is no cost to join—but it is highly curated so that I can create the conditions to magnify our success.

Just complete a short application here and then I’ll send you a link to my calendar for a 15 minute “fit” conversation.

If you’re a match, you’ll be invited to join us and I’ll give you access to one of three groups: those earning their first $100k, those earning $100-$250K and those above $250K.

You’ll be able to have more intimate conversations with those in your revenue tier, while also having access to the power of the full community.

The aim of this group is simple: to turn your expertise into wealth and impact. No pontificating, no mansplaining, just listening and sharing from our own experiences.

Sound good? Apply here and I’ll see you in Slack!