To keep climbing, you’ve got to know where to plant your feet.

Authority Business Coaching

Your six to seven figure business is profitable, but you’ve got a bigger vision for yourself that requires new thinking—and you’re ready for a seasoned partner-in-crime to work with you one-to-one to pave the way.

Are you staring head-on at any of these challenges?

  • You’ve got a big idea that will fundamentally change how you work and build your market presence.
  • You need new messaging and marketing moves to solidify your position in your niche.
  • You want to upscale your client base to match how you work best (and optimize your revenue).
  • You’ve decided to pivot your consulting practice: a new set of ideal clients, a deeper point of view or industry specialization.
  • You’re ready to seriously build out your market authority (book(s), podcast, speaking, media visibility) and want a plan of attack that suits your talents (not to mention a sounding board).
  • You want to build a steady, long-term pipeline of work that includes some combination of books, speaking and consulting.

These are big goals that can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to put them together solo. That’s why we’ll use a milestones approach—clearly parsing out smaller steps into a stream of achievable markers so you’ll always know how you’re doing.

We’ll start by getting mutually clear on your desired outcomes (I have a process for that) and then we’ll collaborate to establish a clear plan (we’ll use verbs in all our sentences) that is unique to you.

Full disclosure: You must be seriously committed to making a visible, visceral transformation—you’re thinking big, doing big and ready to achieve big.

Coaching Benefits

  • Improve your profits (higher fees, better clients) and/or take back your time.
  • Develop new IP in synch with your expertise such as a book, speech, podcast series and/or courses.
  • Land speaking gigs and media interviews.
  • Become THE authority in your niche.
  • Create multiple revenue streams.
  • Build a lead generation system.
  • Work primarily in your “genius zone”.

Investment: $24,500 (payment due in full to get started).

I offer you a risk-free, money back guarantee: if you are 100% engaged, doing the work I’ve asked and you aren’t seeing benefits within 30 days, I’ll refund your money.

Reach out to me here and let’s talk about where you want to take your consulting business next.