Ditching Complexity In Your Soloist Business

There’s a thing that happens when you run your Soloist business long enough—“solutions” stack on top of each other creating complexity that no longer serves you:

Your lead generation system has a ridiculous number of non-automated steps, which means you aren’t consistently feeding the beast.

You’re still pushing content/attempting to engage on multiple social media platforms, dividing your focus in too many directions.

Your CPA doesn’t have any other businesses that look like yours—and some of their advice feels completely unworkable.

The email system that worked smoothly when you did one mailing a month to a hundred people isn’t cutting it now that you’re sending thousands.

You keep adding items to your product/service ladder without pruning the low performers.

Any one of these complexities can create a ripple effect that reduces your productivity, profit and joy.

Maybe you spend marketing and admin time propping up a less-than-ideal offer instead of doubling down on where you’re adding the most value.

Or you let your pipeline building go stale because it just isn’t fun anymore—and before you know it, you’re out of warm leads.

It’s tempting to ignore this kind of complexity until you hit a pain point: you want to pivot, something breaks or a vendor goes out of business.

But get out ahead of it instead.

Because the sooner you let unnecessary complexity irritate you enough to take action, the sooner you’ll discover simple—perhaps even elegant—solutions.

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