Wrestling With Imposter Syndrome

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Wrestling With Imposter Syndrome

Do you wrestle with imposter syndrome? We’ll call it the idea that you are not worthy of building the highly visible platform that your work deserves—and any anxiety attached to that.

Seth Godin’s advice got us thinking and we decided to devote an episode to using your fears like a compass.

Join Jonathan and me as we challenge conventional thinking about imposter syndrome including the habits that will keep it at bay, developing your authority mindset and building confidence (hint: it’s a muscle).


“If you want things to be better you have to change something.” –JS

“It’s harder to break through with your ideas and your content if you’re holding back.” –RM

“If nothing you’re doing is scary, that makes me nervous.” –JS

“Who wants to work with a know-it-all anyways? We love to work with people who ask us questions.” –RM