What To Do When You Screw Up

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What do you do when you screw up with a client?

We’ve all done it (and cringed with embarrassment). And yet, if we handle it artfully, it can actually deepen the relationship.

Join Jonathan and me as we talk about how to recover after a bungle—from avoiding defensive behavior (and keeping your cool) to using empathy to understand how the client sees the story—and then turning that around.


“We ask our clients to tell us what’s wrong, what isn’t working, to be vulnerable that they’re not perfect.” –RM

“Step one for me when it happens is don’t get defensive.” –JS

“Sometimes maybe it’s not about you – meaning you the advisor.” –RM

“Take a breath, think about the other person, try and be empathetic to their situation, try to see it through their eyes.” –JS

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