The Leverage Equation With Todd Tresidder

Financial mentor (and ex-hedge fund master) Todd Tresidder joins us to talk about ”The Leverage Equation”, his new book on how to use up to six different forms of leverage to scale up your business.

What intrigued me most is that he goes beyond the usual “hire employees” leveraged model we’re so familiar with in consulting. There are ideas for soloists and firms alike.

Join us as Jonathan and I ask Todd to explain various leverage models, how to manage the risks inherent in any leveraged situation, the freedom the right leverage buys you and how to get started right now.


“Through coaching I really learned how much there was that I still had to learn.” –TT

“The beauty of this is you can literally separate your equity growth from your earnings capacity or your time.” –TT

“The whole idea is that you look at everything you spend your time on as a failure of your business systems.” –TT

“Leverage is how you build the scalable large win, and risk management is how you control the losses.” –TT

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