Take Your Summer Back

  • Category: Managing

What happens to your client work over the summer? If you’re like a lot of us, it downshifts—clients disappear for a week or two at a time, projects seem to hover on hold and Friday afternoons are a ghost town.

Why not use some of that “hold” time to invest in yourself and create (or improve) some assets for your business?

Listen in as Jonathan and I show you how to get your summer back: diversifying your income streams, planning marketing for the 100-day sprint after Labor Day and getting off the hamster wheel of trading time for money.


“There’s all these little things that you can do that don’t usually make it up to the top of your priority list.” –JS

“Take your summer back. Don’t just sit there at the whim of the client” –RM

“There’s something about having a great idea to work on in the summer that’s energizing.” –RM

“So when things slow down it does, for me at least, give me that headspace to be like “let’s sit back for a second and think about what’s working, what’s not working as well and what I could do to do more of the stuff that’s working.” –JS