Should You Use A VA To Grow Your Business?

One of the critical growth points consultants and authorities-in-the-making grapple with is when to hire outside help with your business.

This week we discuss how to decide if you’re ready for a Virtual Assistant—and then dive into how to make it work. We cover how to decide what to offload, what kind of VA you need, how much to pay them and where to find them.


-“If you’re beyond the start-up phase—or you’re in the start-up phase with money and a vision—chances are you can use the help of a savvy VA.”—RM

-“You’re ready for a VA if you’re spending time on things you’re not good at or you don’t like to do and you could use that time PROFITABLY to grow your business.”—RM

-“What things could you do…if you added another person to take it the next step?”—JS

-“You want to hire someone who has experience and can take things off you. You want to feel relief, not annoyance.”—RM

-“What could you have someone do—not just recurring tasks—but what could they do to add value to your clients?”—JS

-“You have to get really clear about what you want to get done AND how you want to work.”—RM

-“A good, experienced, savvy VA is going to look at your business—and they will see things you could do better.”—RM

-“If you can find a way in your business to take the stressful pieces off you—and put them on somebody else who enjoys doing that (it’s their oyster), then do it.”—RM


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