Should You Build A Course?

You’re at that point in your business evolution where you’re considering building an on-line course.

What are the signs that you should do it (or run screaming in the opposite direction)? And if it does make sense for your business, how exactly should you get started?

Listen in as Jonathan and I walk you through how to decide if this is for you—and equally importantly, the steps to follow so it doesn’t become a massive time suck.


“I kind of go back to this all the time and it might be just my personal bias, but I feel like writing a lot is almost a necessary precursor.” –JS

“I think maybe one of your questions should be, “Where do I want to develop this course?”” –RM

“Any whiff of perfectionism can spiral out of control very quickly.” –JS

“If you’re at all a person who gets into detail, you may decide you really love doing the editing, and that may not be the highest, best use of your time.” –RM

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