Packaging Your Expertise (aka Put It In A Box)

This week we were struck by two very different business and pricing models that happened to hit the media side-by-side: The Lambda School (learn to code for free until you get a job) and Charles Schwab’s new subscription financial planning model.

So naturally we used those as a launch pad to talk not only value pricing, but how to make your expertise affordable to those you most want to help.

Join us as we discuss building multiple income streams by packaging your expertise in new ways—AND making it happen while slaying your day job.


“You want the price of whatever this is you’re creating to reflect its value to your ideal user.” –RM

“Sometimes money is more of a priority than a resource.” –JS

“You can create a business model out of almost anything if you approach it as a business.” –RM

“If you want to come at it from an expertise standpoint, the less me-focused it is – and there’s a range – the less me-focused it is, the easier it is for other people to connect the dots for you.” –JS


The Lambda School

Charles Schwab new pricing model


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