Moving From Execution To Strategy

Moving From Execution To Strategy

If you think of consulting as a continuum ranging from execution to strategy, there are literally countless points where you might position your consulting practice.

When you first go solo, you may start with execution (think of it as providing your client with an extra pair of hands), especially if you came from a corporate role. Over time, you may start gravitating to strategy work—but how exactly do you migrate your practice?

Join Jonathan and me as we discuss how to sell and price strategy—from speaking the language of strategy, identifying clients who truly want it and why building authority is easier as a strategist.


“There is an execution piece and there is a strategy piece, and you can think about any place along that curve, you can set your business.” –RM

“Strategy is probably one of the most misused words that I get questions about.” –JS

“Don’t pretend you’re doing strategy when that’s not what you were hired for.” –JS

“I’m going to argue that we have a real need right now for people in the strategy space.” –RM


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