How To Keep Your Network In Motion

  • Category: Audience BuildingSelling

Some believe that their people network is a static asset, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Networks are made of living, breathing people who change constantly.

And the way to keep yours fresh is to keep it in motion—maintaining relationships, building new ones, keeping your radar sharp and in full operational mode.

Join us as we compare notes on keeping tabs on your industry/specialty, the power of the right introductions and the “secret” of making your networking investment both productive and fun.


“We’re in the relationship business at the end of the day.” –JS

“There will be things that trigger your thinking of someone.” –RM

“It is about helping. That’s really what this is all about. It’s about helping people.” –RM

“Almost always, at least with the folks I work with, the thing that the other person needs to help you is more specificity.” –JS