How To Keep Producing Killer Content

You can produce killer content on a regular basis—it just takes a bit of clarity on your audience and knowing your own talents (and limitations).

Who’s your ideal reader/listener/watcher? How much do they already know about your topic and what “language” is the right fit to bridge their knowledge with your brand?

Join us as Jonathan and I talk about engagement (and how to tell the real deal from a numbers game), the practice of producing content and how to find the right frequency for you, your audience and your business model.


“Killer content is content that engages your ideal audience.” –RM

“If you know who you’re talking to, it dramatically increases the odds of being able to help them.” –JS

“If you go from publishing weekly to every weekday, that’s five times more chances at bat.” –JS

“There’s something about being accountable every single day that makes you literally look around you to find that inspiration.” –RM


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