How Do You Know When To “Kill” Something?

Have you ever felt “stuck” on one of your services or products—where you just can’t decide if you should keep going or just kill it off?

Both Jonathan and I have been there (multiple times) and so we decided to tackle when to throw in the towel and when to keep going.

Join us as we cover the signs it may be time to kiss your “baby” goodbye, how to be clear on the difference between second-guessing yourself vs. actually being ready to end the project and how to act thoughtfully and with purpose.


“The first thing that occurred to me (because this is what happens to me), is I start to clench my teeth when I’m working on it or even when I’m thinking about it.” –RM

“It’s usually client work where I just get exhausted by the thought of a particular thing, whatever it might be.” –JS

“So, I’m sitting there saying to myself, oh my god. I have to invest more money to do more of what I don’t like. I mean, that’s just – that’s insane.” –RM

“The first time it happened to me was in 2011, when I had like viral traction for an idea. And it like picks you up like a tornado and throws you.” –JS


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