Five Ways To Specialize

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Five Ways To Specialize

Jonathan and I have spoken frequently about the importance of specializing—niching—in both building your authority and growing your business.

We’ve fielded so many questions about how to specialize, that we decided to devote this episode to an in-depth look at the five ways most solos decide to niche.

Listen in as we describe the pros and pitfalls of each approach; the kinds of business models and service offerings that tend to lend themselves to each; and how to decide what will work for you.


“Trying to sell anything to everyone is like selling nothing to nobody.” –JS

“You can be excited about a trucking company. You might have a story to tell about why you’re excited about that.” –RM

“The better the website, the better the leads.” –RM

“I think it’s pretty clear that in the beginning, you’re thinking way more about yourself, and then as you get to the end you’re thinking way more about the other person.” –JS