Do You DO Or Do You KNOW?

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Do You DO Or Do You KNOW?

On its face, the question do you DO or do you KNOW might seem sort of silly. And yet, it informs how you see the value you provide to your client and buyer base.

If you DO, it means you’re rolling up your sleeves, solving problems, maybe even putting out fires. But if you KNOW, all of a sudden you have options far beyond just the doing of a thing. Now, you can teach it, coach it, become a guide—and not just through your time, but by leveraging your expertise into products.

Listen in as Jonathan and I cover how to let go of what isn’t strategic, the dark side of becoming addicted to saving the day and the consultant’s role in our client’s “hero’s journey”.


“If you really care about your craft, and you want to spread it, you’re not going to be able to do that if you’re always a fireman putting out fires.” – JS

“You don’t really want to be Luke [Skywalker] in your marketing, you want to be Obi-Wan.” – JS

“There’s that shift in your mind where you don’t just have to ‘do’, you can teach, you can coach, you can show the way, you can be the guide.” – RM

“If you approach your consulting as a technician, you’re never going to solve the bigger problems of the organization.” – RM

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