Disrupting Design Education With Chris Do

Chris Do has the unusual distinction of building two very different yet highly successful businesses: Blind, a brick and mortar motion design consultancy that thrived in Hollywood for over 20 years and The Futur, his global on-line platform to change how designers learn.

He has some big ideas, a stellar track record and a generous spirit, which is why Jonathan and I were so excited to have him on the show.

We talk big ideas, fear, funding, the founder mindset, how he built his hyper-engaged audience and when to work with others vs. go it alone.


“I think it’s important that we have more creative people, especially to solve some of the most perplexing problems facing humankind.” –CD

“The worst that you fear never materializes, and if you have the courage to create content, it will be OK as long as you don’t go out of your way to hurt people. I think that’s the key.” –CD

“Here’s the way I approach it: I’d rather not do it than do a mediocre job.” –JS

“The business tools – they’re pretty straightforward. The miracle is when you’re going to use those tools.” –CD

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